Drive your Food.

Which seem more prepossessing and pleasing to you if I say that you have two choices in two packs of the same food and of the same company in which one is expiring after 3 days and the other one is 60 days old; so, Which one will you pick? You will, I mean your mind will scrolls all the calculations and programs running in your mind and pick the pack which is expiring after 3 days. But why? 

As both the food packs are of the same manufacturing date and the same company, both expiring after 3 days but I just manipulated the way of my selling the product. There will be people purchasing both products but actually, you didn’t purchase the product but sold out your health buying those packs. 

My friends here is my point, you can achieve whatever you want in life and can be the one you want to be. You might have seen lots of motivational speakers motivating you because you are not strong enough that you need a person to motivate you and while listening to those speeches some of you would still be eating those food packs. For all of us, some may consider it or not but if one notice that in the entire life what so ever your age you have lived for, neither your education nor your business or job made you live but was only the food you have eaten so far which kept you driving. Since birth, you are been fed which makes you alive and energetic. Your priority which most of us consider are:

Education ~ Are you the person forgetting your meals while studying late night?

Money~ Earning money, running the business, skipping the meals just to earn a few extra dollars?

There are many more reasons but keeping it more straightforward it makes more sense if you can even relate these to your life, you are the god of yourself. One person lives 100 years which is very rare and the other dies in the ’60s but why? Because they both are of different physical ability and health? The one with age of 100, we call them like they had eaten pure and good quality since their childhood without any amalgamation in food that times, but is that true? 

For me, it is not so significantly true as science has an adverse role these days rather it used to be 100 years back. Now you can know about ingredients, product quality, food ratios which does not exist a long time ago and we being social creatures with intelligent brains jump into fast-food chains to feel satiety. 

My dear friends; shortly, if I say you are your lord, eat well even if it is tasteless not for your taste but to keep yourself living. Even I include you eat fast food too as we need to keep our economy running but only to reward yourself of eating healthy for a long period and believe me or not you yourself will find a change in your self with a distance to diseases and problems and the confidence which you get can’t-be written in words.

A chauffeur word is especially given to a person who drives a luxurious vehicle and in the same way, you are the chauffeur of your body because your body is far more luxurious and precious than those materialistic things. The choice is yours, don’t live in hallucinations rather be a cocksure towards your health.

What is purpose of Life..?


When I see old people in a bus or wherever I commute, I fear that this would be myself one day. I can’t run away from the fortune state which is getting old.

I am working hard for my body so that I become fit, practicing yoga, meditation, gyming, most importantly eating healthy and good food, maintaining a proper diet with proper self- control.

I also know that becoming rich is not just about studying more, opening a business, doing more than one or two jobs but it’s more a fact of luck. You just need a push in life from someone or a spiritual bless that you step into a zone of richness and once you are rich you maintain that stage for long. I don’t know~ we got life, we are living it well, working hard, studying hard, earning good money but still what is the purpose?

Is that so we need to repeat this whole life. Everyone I know is in the same queue and nobody in his/her whole life thinks of what actually the purpose is. Today is 29May,2019(Wednesday). At around 01:00 pm I was coming back home from Douglas college, New Westminster in a bus which I boarded from Surrey Central heading towards my home and saw an old man entering the bus and just felt that like how young he would have been and how hard he would have worked but what for now! He must be working now as well and must be eating healthy , must be travelling around the world at this stage. His age must be 60 or above and he must have lowered strength when compared to the same in his 20’s and 30’s.

In a nutshell, what I summed up is it needs to be accepted that we all are human beings, alike the animals they prey, eat, sleep and follow the same process, they don’t earn anything out of it in terms of wealth but surely improve their health out of it. In a similar manner, we are socialized human beings, we got brains and we work more efficiently. We have many facilities like medical aid, healthy food, good environment, shelter and many other things which if I start mentioning the list will go on and on. I must say keep doing whatever you are doing and keep improvising for what you do, improving in each part of your time. Try to build new goals ~ short-term and even long term that you have an urge or desire to do something which keeps you driving rather than following the same routine which most of the people do. Try hunting new things, you know when a lion hunts he never thinks if it’s an elephant or a dog in front of him, he needs to do whatever he needs to in order to survive. Make your aim a Survival option that whatever you need to do you have to do in any case ~ no matter how you are managing time, your relations and anything near or dear. Just keep your spirit high and get it done. This is the fundamental deep meaning of life to lock and unlock own-self in different attributes of stages in life. Life is big ~ Make sure you live it well and happy wherever you are..

~ Er. Rahul Sachdeva